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Wing Acoustics ​

Mike and Dave have been developing the acousticWing® driver for over a decade. The underlying technology is complicated in design, yet elegant in essence, and delivers a sound quality that’s amongst the purest in the world. Ali became involved in the project after the business had first approached a well-known corporate IP firm.

“Our first line of thinking was to go for a big firm, but they just gave us juniors and charged through the roof. They didn’t think like inventors and weren’t collaborative. We persisted, but many of them simply didn’t understand the initial concept. Ali gets it. He’s persistent and pushes the boundaries when appropriate – he loves a challenge. It’s very much an inventor’s mindset. He translates legal concepts so that we can understand them. In short, the company wouldn’t be in the position it is without his help.  We think of him as a teammate.”
Mike & Dave

Mike & Dave


Project X51

Discover IP has been involved with Project X51 Ltd since conception of its propriety Smart CableTM technology. They’ve helped with both patent protection and freedom to operate to strengthen the company’s commercial position.

“Discover IP was recommended by friends who are also in the start-up tech space. 

I’ve found Ali to be somebody who gives realistic advice and who understands what I’m trying to do. He’s taken the time to show me the ropes, while at the same time achieving what we set out to do. 

We resonated well off the bat. He’s sharp and knows what he’s talking about. He drafted our patents so that we’d get the most IP value out of it, and took us through his strategy, timings and costs. He’s very good at understanding what you’re trying to do – and drafts it in a way so that you don’t close off your patent options.”



Seven Vibrations

Ali became involved in Seven Vibrations Ltd when Mike needed advice on protecting his fluid enhancement technology. ​

“I looked at others, but chose Ali because I thought he communicated the best. The way he interacts with inventors, and engineers shows how multifaceted he is – basically he can deal with any of our stakeholders. 

He also impressed me with his knowledge of patents, and his general smarts. 

I want a specialist service done properly and communicated well. That’s what’s important to me. 

Ali gives you his time, he documents well, and there are no surprises financially. We consider him to be a part of our team.” 




Bridgewest Ventures​

Kate was seeking patent advice on technology developed by a university. She engaged Discover IP when she needed to understand if their proposed technology encroached on any current patents.

“Ali’s advice gave us the confidence we needed to know we were on the right path. He talked us through his strategy and we appreciated how he wanted to get on the phone straight away – we felt like we were his main priority. It set the tone for a great working relationship. Ali gave us a detailed description of what was going to happen and took us on the journey. He made sure we understood where our money was being used.

For us, our IP lawyer needs to be familiar with technology and understand what we’re trying to achieve. Ali understood our strategy, which market we’d go after first, and which database he’d go through. He had a real commercial appreciation.

Compared to the other two firms we talked to, Discover IP was much more collaborative and personal. With the big patent attorney firms, you don’t get value.”



Investment Manager